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For Every Flame, You are the Storyteller.

Hello, Candle Lover!

Did you know that you are a storyteller? Well, you are. What's that, you say you don't write? Well, writing isn't the only way to tell a story. Did you know that the source of storytelling is life? Yes, the one thing we are all doing, living, is the source of storytelling and everyone is doing it.

Every day you are building your life or working toward a goal, and that is your story. Furthermore, there are actually many ways to tell stories, such as painting, poetry, plays, dance, woodworking, quilting, candle making (wink, wink), and so much more!

If you didn't know, Storyteller Candles was born from my desire to celebrate the publication of my first novel, Story of My Life. I created a signature scent then one for each of the main characters (candles: Story of My Life, Walk in the Woods, Paradise Kiss, and Orchard Gallop), but I know I'm not the person with a story to tell. You do, too, so that's why For every flame, you are the storyteller.

Storyteller, each candle is created for those special moments in your life or inspired by stories that we share. Your life is your own story. You are the author of your own story, so you have the opportunity to navigate life page by page based upon your inspiration, driven by your uniqueness. I am championing your joy, your growth and your success. I want your story to be a blockbuster to the number one person in your life. You.

You know about my story, but I would love to learn about you and your story. What is your story? What are you working on? Not really sure what your story is, then share with me what lights your fire and makes your life meaningful? That's where your story begins.

With gratitude and joy,


You are the author of your story.
Signature scented candle on top of Story of My Life novel (book)


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