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My Story

The idea for Storyteller Candles was sparked by an author and poet, Valerie Baeza, upon the release of her debut novel, Story of My Life. As a fervent consumer of candles—in fact several chapters were written by candlelight, she wanted to create her own flames of inspiration in honor of stories, memorable characters, and magical settings. Everyone has a story to tell, so she combined these two ideas and created candles to light everyone's story.

As with any story there is a journey, so when you are enjoying what you are doing you must share it. That is the reason behind Storyteller Candles, and that is why, for every flame, you are the storyteller.

Valerie Baeza-8705.jpg

Photograph © Tim Nenninger

Story 7-4.jpg

The Small Details

Storyteller Candles are clean, long lasting, and purposeful. All candles are made with 100% soy wax, quality cotton and paper wicks that are lead and zinc free in reusable clear jars. The fragrances used in the candles are fragrances oils as they are engineered and tested to be burned in candles.

All scents are created in small batches by the author, poet, and candlemaker herself in the Land of Enchantment that is New Mexico. They are meant to soothe and transport. Everyone has a story and there is no better pairing for a lovely event, a cozy night in, or reading than with a warm candle glow.

Not only are our jars reusable, but our packaging is earth friendly as well. Here's the details:

Recyclable/Repurposeable: glass jars, tissue and ribbon.

Recyclable: gift boxes, cornstarch packing peanuts (biodegradable, dissolves in water), stuffing (craft paper). and our shipping boxes.

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