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Hey, Storytellers. This is your opportunity to enjoy all of the content on Storyteller Candles.

Photograph of Storyteller Candles owner, Valerie Baeza on New Mexico's KRQE set and sitting beside morning show hosts, Monica Wicke.


Learn about the inspiration for Storyteller Candles and your favorite scents!

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Storyteller Candles creates customized candles for events, businesses

by Audrey Claire Davis

A photograph of a mounted television screen showing Storyteller Candles on New Mexico's KRQE.
Storyteller Candles owner, Valerie Baeza, on the set of New Mexico's KRQE and standing beside morning show hosts, Monica Wicke and Logan Rader.

Get a one-of-a-kind holiday gift with Storyteller Candles

Watch Live:

December 7th on KRQE New Mexico Living 3PM

December 8th, on NM's FOX 9AM and NM CW 10AM

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