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Is Storyteller Candles Surviving?

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Coming from someone who has lived in the Southwest their entire life (El Paso and Albuquerque), this past winter seemed like it was long and record breaking. I suppose the season felt extended since sales were slow. I must admit, as much as I enjoyed the snow and rain, I did wonder if Storyteller Candles was worth my while on a couple of occasions.

Sales were slow, and this being my first Winter in business, I wasn't sure what to make of the quiet. So, I questioned everything. Was it the ads or the new scents that were keeping customers at bay? Well, they were shopped out and fully stocked on all sorts of goodies after the holidays, I get it. For some reason I kept searching for a solution.

I suppose everyone has their doubts and questions their path, and I am definitely learning the ropes. I guess that means I should be more patient (Ha! Clearly.) and gentle with myself.

After hearing the same confirmation from every vendor, I learned that a lot of sellers take the winter off because of the slow sales. What! I wish I knew that earlier. And why I expected otherwise is beyond me.

Hello, Spring!

As the temperature rose, so did sales. In fact, May was a whirlwind month. I had 19 events over the course of 18 days. 14 of those events were clustered together for Mother’s Day. I ended the month with my first three-day event at the New Mexico Wine Festival where I hit record breaking sales.

It was a blast to share Storyteller Candles with more candle lovers, especially when they are purchasing candles in twos and threes! I love the thought of one roof being fragranced with multiple Storyteller scents.

Hey! I believe I mentioned that in a previous blog post, customers owning several of my scents. This is manifestation in action! I love it.

Storyteller Candles is not only surviving, it is thriving! And it’s thanks to you, Storytellers.


Can you believe was the number one hit at the New Mexico Wine Festival? It was. When Pineapple and zesty Orange Peel are mixed together with dreamy Coconut, your mood is immediately elevated.

I love to burn Summer Love on a sunny day with the windows open, so I don’t blame anyone for falling for Summer Love. Order yours now!

Until Next Time, Storytellers

I can’t help being drawn to candle making, so I am in for the ride. This aromatic form of storytelling is a wonderful adventure, and I’m so glad you are joining me.

To you, Storyteller:

Do you find yourself being too harsh with yourself or wondering what you’re doing to block your manifestations? If so, how do you manage it?

Are you a retail guru? I’m always up for learning more, what advice would you offer me?

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