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Should I Be Careful With What I Wish For?

Hello, Storytellers!

2022 was my first year selling candles. I learned a lot, so I was inspired to participate in everything in 2023. Popups, Markets, Festivals in-state and out-of-state! I wanted to expand my brand (and still do) of Storyteller Candles, so everyone owns at least half of my different scents (I’m dreaming big, folks! And why not.).

Big Eyes... Clear Scope

I am an optimist at heart, but I am equally a realist. As much as I wanted to participate in every event, I hadn’t visited most of the events I was researching to know if the application and event fees would be worth my while. First, I had to keep my enthusiasm close to home and focus on Albuquerque. Second, I’m not going to know which events suit my product until I try them. Stability, would be welcomed... Armed with a clearer focus, I began my hunt.

So Much To Choose From

I wanted to land a regular station at the Downtown Grower’s Market (DGM) and the Albuquerque Railyards because they’re the big dog of weekly events in town. Keep in mind that I said I wanted to participate in every event but having a regular post at these two meant my every weekend would be booked throughout most of the year… So, the universe delivered exactly what I wanted.

I have a kiosk on Kirtland AFB one week at a time every month, so I nailed my stability. I landed a couple of dates at the Downtown Grower’s Market, at least one Sunday every month at the Albuquerque Railyards, and I was accepted into every event I applied for. This Memorial weekend Storyteller Candles is making its New Mexico Wine Festival debut! Turns out, I am receiving the diversity I asked for, and I am most definitely learning which events I enjoy the most. That makes this year's participation a double win!

Was I Right?

So, should I really be careful what I wish for? I could have sold tons of candles just being at DGM or Railyards! Well, I don’t know what could have been, and I prefer to keep it that way. To be honest, I do wish I had more days at DGM, but I appreciate what I received. In the end, the universe delivers that which is in my best interest. I am a creative who enjoys setting and achieving new goals, so we’ll see what the second half of 2023 and 2024 brings Storyteller Candles.

Keep it on the bright side, Storytellers!

With gratitude and joy,


Your Storyteller Candlemaker

To you, Storyteller:

What did you resonate with the most in this blog?

Are you an optimist or a realist?

If you had the same options as the ones I shared before with you, would you have chosen the same approach?

Do you set goals? How successful are you in your endeavors?

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