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Hello, Storytellers!

As sung in one of my favorite summer tunes by Keith Urban, it’s “been a long hot summer”. I have been busy-busy testing new scents for months-- even up to a year on one of them!

With every market and festival that I participate in, I am listening to your responses to the scents that I offer AND I’m listening for what you are smelling for. Personally, I have a sweet tooth, so it’s natural to me to know what smells great in that realm. I knew I had to expand upon my options, and I’m glad I’m on hand to receive your suggestions.

A lot of you are searching for something musky, exotic, clean, floral, more woodsy, and something reminiscent of New Mexico. All of this could have amounted to sensory-overload, but I’ve been collecting feedback and loads of fragrance samples all year. I’m going to release a couple of floral and “clean-scent” candles next year, so this meant woodsy and luxury were on the docket for this year.



If you’ve traveled through Northern New Mexico you are familiar with Taos, Red River, Eagle’s Nest, Angel Fire, Questa, and even New Mexico’s highest peak, Mount Wheeler. But did you know that all five of these towns are a part of a scenic byway called the Enchanted Circle? I now have a candle to cherish your love of the north, ENCHANTED CIRCLE

Tonka Bean, Shea, and Musk make this luxury candle a must for any wanderluster.

New Mexico is a globe in itself, a state packed with big skies where cottonwood Leaves flurry across your path as you collect or burn Rosemary and Sage. When I burn the NEW MEXICO scent I am instantly transported to the main artery of this wonderful state, the Bosque. No matter where you are or who you share this candle with, NEW MEXICO is just a heartbeat away.


Storyteller Candles is all about stories. The stories that you are living and invoking or the stories behind these candle’s inspiration, and now there are candles inspired by the books we love.

When C.S. Lewis wrote The ​Chronicles of Narnia, I bet he imagined what the air and the forest smelled like. When you burn NARNIAN FOREST you are immersed into the magical world of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Jadis, the White Witch, may attempt to take you to the highest magic-capped mountain peak, but the Blue Spruce and Pine in NARNIAN FOREST will protect you and the earthy Hemp grounds you in serenity.

With your wand at the ready, HOGWARTS takes you on a journey through the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry made famous in J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Never mind the mounds of age-old books and the ivy growing through the cracks in the castle walls. Leather, Musk, and Oak will mesmerize you and your space for hours on end. Just be sure to put the flame out before bed. I wouldn’t want you to lose house points for negligence.


As you can gather, a lot of thought went into these scents and the stories I wanted to honor. These four places hold a lot of memories for you and me, and I invite you to burn each one in your home. Place them in different rooms for the ultimate fantastical experience!


I am pleased to announce that all four scents will debut at the Pirate Viking Summer Festival on August 19 and 20! I made each one in 7 ounce jars and tealight packs, so every them in every capacity.

Equally exciting, Pre-Order is now available for ALL FOUR of these scents. Order yours now, and they’ll be in the mail on Monday, August 21st!

With gratitude and joy,


Your Storyteller Candlemaker

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