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Monsoon & Inspiration

In the weirdest monsoon season in the history of my living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the rainstorms have returned to this desert city like a wicked plot twist. I have always lived in the southwest where the sun is shining nearly every single day of the year, so a blanket of cloud cover and any amount of rainfall are my definition of a dreamsicle.

And it was on one such day where I discovered solace and inspiration. I popped into a O'Beans coffee shop, ordered an almond milk hot chocolate, and actually took a moment for myself outside the house.

The shop was warm and welcoming, just like the barista, and it's an ode to Volkswagen vehicles. I was surrounded by Volkswagen deck lids and VW memorabilia, which always fondly reminds me of my ex-husband (a true VW enthusiast who had the most beautiful '64 bug that he fully restored himself).

I didn't quite know what to do with myself, so I retrieved my cell phone, opened the Canva app, and looked through files on what posts I could create for you all on Instagram.

I've been doing a lot of inner work these past six years and an enormous amount in the last year. Recently, I've been working on my throat chakra (I'll have to share with you a freestyle poem that I wrote two full moons ago!) and my inner child.

By being open and telling the universe that I was ready to heal and forgive, I found peace. Buckets of tears and magical moments have transpired, and I found peace with a number of experiences that have blocked me my whole life and up to this very week.

So, by walking into a coffee shop (with an open heart) I not only revisited my past but I stumbled upon something special.

I found inspiration, Storyteller.

I have been waiting for its visit for some time now. I suppose I have not been open to it as of late as I set out on my quest for love and entrepreneurship. I clearly cannot balance it all, but I do see the glimmers of clear skies ahead. I had already expected to returning to writing my second novel during and after winter holidays and into Spring of 2024! Having participated in a variety of events this year with Storyteller Candles, I know I where to leave my calendar open.

I am an optimist at heart, so I must recognize the silver lining that is amongst the clouds and emotions of this human experience. I am learning. I am healing. And most importantly, I am love and light.

Storyteller, what stories are you telling yourself?

Thanks to one drizzly day and a single moment to myself, in the midst of a beautiful hurricane of life, inspiration struck and extended my peace. My best moments of creativity gush down when I am most unburdened and thunderstruck with my emotion, and I feel most alive during these creative sessions.

I actually created ten posts, too! Experts say to plan/create a week or a month's worth of posts, but I'm more inspired to post by the wick of my flame. 😉 (The images shared in this blog are the flickers of light that were my inspiration.)

I am a pantser type of a writer (not linear), so I follow my inspiration rather than structure.

Now that I have a variety of posts to share with the world, I can rest easier knowing that I am prepared. Just as I enter a new chapter in my life, I am discovering that I am more ready than I thought I was. (Thank you, Universe. Thank you, inner work!)

Storyteller, when are you most creative or focused? Do you ever find sharing your work or ideas easier in the early or later stages? And finally, I am curious to learn what your practices are to remain happy and centered.

I hope the coming musings that I post can help you feel the calm that is burning within your core and igniting your story.

With gratitude and joy,


The impromptu freestyle poem that I wrote one sunset after a chakra workshop

I love sunsets because they're passionate

I love the gold light

Blushing sheets

Bruised like my heart, you weren't there for me

And as full as those clouds are, I'm tired of carrying the weight

So, I weep

I weep for the injustice, the neglect, and the missing

Over and over again

I'm tired of doing everything for myself

I'm tired of doing everything for you

Over and over again

The bluejay says it's my turn to take that leap of faith

Like a fool with my nightsack, I jump

I will always jump

Over and over again

But the bluejay is right, this is my time

Until I die, it will always be my time

Dark blue and pluming skies like my moods, but bold, like my love for you

I love sunsets because

I am passionate

I am love

I am light

I am the sunset

Over and over again

Poet: Valerie Baeza

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