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A Story to Share

Hello Storytellers,

My next endeavor is a story that we can all share.

I attended a women's networking event called Brunch with Babes (super supportive network of women business owners!). I met several terrific people, and the connection flowed outside the event.

This beautiful soul asked if I would create a scented candle that smelled like her beloved father.

Jennifer Maldonado Greenwood (Certified Life Coach, Community Advocate, and Ms elite NM Petite) was one such person. She said if I ever considered making custom scented candles that she would be interested in working with me. Moreover, she wanted a Stetson cologne scented candle to remember her father by and this was his signature fragrance.

[Storyteller, what would your response have been?]

My gut gleefully said, "ooh" at the opportunity to produce something so meaningful. My head said, "Wait, let's think about this." I have never taken a request before. What was I even contemplating? But, hey. If I couldn't replicate the scent, then no harm done. Right?

That's when my gut started to dance.

So, I'm curating a Stetson cologne scented candle for a woman to remember someone she loves. And that is a story that we all can connect with.

I'm sharing this wonderful journey with you every Friday in what I'm calling "Fragrance Friday" on social media. These reels (and spontaneous "stories") are packed with behind the scenes in curating this candle.

Life is about connections and the stories we tell, and I hope you'll follow along as this story unfolds!

With gratitude and joy,


Your Storyteller Candlemaker

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