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Storyteller Candles

Inspired by a love story that transcends time, Storyteller Candles curates a wide variety of true-to-scent 100% soy wax candles to celebrate the stories of your life.

As an author, and your Storyteller Candles candlemaker, I strive to create safe, non-toxic scented candles that awaken nostalgic memories and spark new ones every time you light the paper & cotton wick.

My motto is For every flame, you are the storyteller, and I allow this, our connection, to burn in every candle I make.

Thank you for loving stories and the scents that ignite them.


Quick Candle Guide


Learn more about the origins of Storyteller Candles and the stories behind the scents!


Musky, mystique, or mesmerizing.

These scents elevate your senses with sophistication.

Storyteller Candles in elegant black on white background with a sleek black outline of a circle.

Order the latest scents then enjoy the memories that you'll create while they're burning!


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Whether it's Fruity or a bit more Tropical, there's nothing like the clean scent of fruit to invigorate your day. Check out these juicy scents!


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